Disaster Management Centre Telephone: +44(0)1202 961260
Meet the Team

On this page you will find brief details of each of our staff including their contact details.


The strength of BUDMC lies in its team of professional associates, research academics, business managers and skilled trainers and teachers.  All our staff ‘multi-task’ in support of Bournemouth University’s concept of Fusion.  Whilst our research academics provide the backbone of the Centre's research activities they are also required to keep up to date with international professional best-practice and at the same time are required to deliver engaging and innovative teaching and training.  Similarly, our Professional Associates, whilst providing the bulk of our CPD expertise and delivery are also required to contribute to our research agendas, whilst maintaining a world-class adult learning experience.  Finally, all our staff contribute to the business development and management of the Centre (whether research or CPD) and we regularly hold sessions to develop and encourage new practices in our teaching and education.


Research Academic:  If you are interested in speaking to us about the work of the Centre as an existing Research Academic or as a future PhD Student, please contact Professor Lee Miles.


Professional Associate.  If you are interested in speaking to us about becoming a Professional Associate of BUDMC (using your experience from the military, emergency service, industry, humanitarian agency or government service), please contact Richard Gordon.