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Suzanne Gosling - PhD Student sgosling@bournemouth.ac.uk

PhD Title: Talking reform, but not doing reform? Investigating the international humanitarian dynamics of humanitarian reform in the health sector of humanitarian assistance.



Suzanne studied to be a registered general nurse at Nottingham University, completing in 2000. After a year of working in the NHS, Suzanne spent her first year abroad working for an NGO Medair, in North Sudan. It was following this experience that she really valued the need for ensuring she had the correct qualifications whilst abroad. So on her return, she went to the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine to undertake a diploma in Hygiene & Tropical Nursing before returning to Nottingham to complete her MSc in Public Health.


During this time Suzanne was also able to develop her professional experience in a variety of emergency and senior nursing roles at Queens Medical Centre, Derbyshire Royal Hospital, Nottingham Prison and finally working for Public Health England. In 2012, Suzanne went back to the field to South Sudan to work for OCHA and for the next seven years she remained in Humanitarian work travelling to Philippines with WHO, Jordan with WHO and Iraq, Turkey and Lebanon with International Medical Corps, before returning to the UK in her role as the Director for the Technical Unit at International Medical Corps.

Research Interests:

Since spending the last 7 years working as a humanitarian, Suzanne has developed an interest in the impact humanitarian aid has on countries and beneficiaries. Her PhD will be looking at the need for reform. The aim of this study is to critically evaluate whether the institution dynamics have created a path dependency that itself has unintentionally become an issue to reform, and whether the system needs a substantial reform of their humanitarian resources, to ensure it is effective for those the response was intended to serve.