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Research in Africa

Dr Henry Bang has a long history of disaster management research in the Cameroon and together with Professor Lee Miles this activity has been expanded to include other African countries with longstanding relationships with BUDMC including; Ghana, Senegal and Sierra Leone. BUDMC research focuses on the need for a unique holistic approach to disaster management in Africa, taking into account the needs, challenges and opportunities faced by individual countries. The most recent research projects, since 2017, are AFRICAB and AFRIGATE.


AFRICAB is an innovative BUDMC led research project on “Single Points of Failure in African Disaster Management” (SPOFs) –a multi-year Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) project in West Africa including Sierra Leone and Senegal. The main aim is to understand stakeholder needs in order to diagnose contemporary issues in African disaster management frameworks using SPOF methodologies.


The predecessor to AFRICAB, AGRIGATE, enabled disaster management research involving the full interaction, participation and support of the emergency/disaster management agencies in Cameroon, Ghana and Nigeria. The primary aim was to unlock the “gateways” to building resilience and promoting innovation in disaster management in West Africa. This was a successful project requiring an executive briefing of research findings at the BUDMC involving officials from the disaster management agencies of the participating countries.


These project aims to improve welfare and build resilience in African countries by enhancing resilience and reducing disruption that complicate economic, social and cultural recovery when disasters occur. Furthermore, the projects seek to assimilate, accommodate, reduce and overcome resistance factors that enhance the governance of disaster risks and enable disaster management frameworks to function more efficiently.

The BUDMC has published numerous papers and contributed to book chapters in the area of disaster management in Africa. These include:


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The team has presented papers in numerous international conferences around the world.


For more information on the conference presentation and other BUDMC research activities please check the profiles of the team and/or contacts Dr Henry Bang or Professor Lee Miles.