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Postgraduate Research at BUDMC?

BUDMC aims to build up one of the UK’s largest groups of dedicated postgraduate researchers of crisis and disaster management.


As one of our research team you will play a vital role in the life of the Centre as we seek to embed your research within our wider education, training and professional practice impact studies around the world.

You will become part of a wide-ranging community of international scholars, covering a very broad range of topics and fields of crisis and disaster management. You will interact with, and learn from, researchers who are currently studying topics such as:


•  Social and community resilience

•  Travel and tourism crisis management

•  Health emergency planning

•  The Politics and governance of disaster management

•  Entrepreneurial resilience

A key aspect of the ethos of BUDMC is that research and professional practice should grasp opportunities for ‘fused’ learning. The Centre offers research-informed professional practice training and policy advice both in the UK and abroad.  Equally, the Centre’s professional practice experiences and provision help configure existing research and shape future research agendas.  As a result you will find that there are many opportunities for you to explore as a BUDMC postgraduate researcher to add your contribution to professional practice and to offer valued, policy-applied applications from your research.


All of our researchers complete our International Disaster Management Course (IDMC) as part of their research training and knowledge capacity building, and participate in interactive ‘Crisis Hour’ seminars addressing ongoing crises and disasters as they unfold real-time.

You will be supported by the Centre in producing publications, and giving papers at international disaster management conferences where your research knowledge can be disseminated.

There are a range of options for you to choose from when registering for postgraduate study within the Centre.


For those interested in finding out more please contact Professor Lee Miles.