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MSc Crisis, Disaster Management & Cyber Security (CPD)

MSc Crisis, Disaster Management and Cyber Security allows you to achieve a postgraduate Masters qualification whilst maintaining current roles and responsibilities.


The Masters is delivered internationally as a part time programme for governments and organisations who wish to further train and develop their staff. Each taught unit comprises five days of lectures and exercises, followed by a period of online developmental activity and tutoring; then the submission of an assignment.


The unique MSc Crisis, Disaster Management and Cyber Security has been designed so that you can:


Competently manage the rapidly changing crisis, disaster management and cyber security environments.


Understand and apply core business disciplines and methods of working in crisis, disaster management and cyber security sectors.


Evaluate and respond to tactical and strategic issues of concern to organisations in disaster management.


Critically understand and evaluate assurance methods, security management concepts, business risk analytics and real-world design problems.


Demonstrate the technical skills to work with data and secure information operations in a range of industries such as; defence, healthcare, hospitality, transportation and banking.


To find out more about running this course in your organisation or country please contact Lauren Jarrad.


Our training programme allows students to achieve certification in increments and in a manner that reflects their abilities and requirements.


PG Cert – on successful completion of three units students will be awarded a Post Graduate Certificate (PG Cert) in Crisis, Disaster Management and Cyber Security.


PG Dip – on successful completion of six units students will be awarded a Postgraduate Diploma (PG Dip) in Crisis, Disaster Management and Cyber Security.


MSc – on successful completion of six units and an extended essay of 15,000 words, students will be awarded a Master’s in Crisis, Disaster Management and Cyber Security.


Our aim is to develop each individual to achieve his or her full potential within the course. We believe that our innovative pathway combined with the BU learning support strategy will ensure that each student will be able to achieve a high-quality certification at whatever level their ability allows.


Course Units:


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Developing Policies and Plans CPD1;

You will be introduced to the importance of sound disaster management plans and frameworks. Internationally, many nations still do not have developed disaster management plans, and this unit has been developed over several years, and in multiple countries, to assist national governments and their agencies to address this vital issue. The principles of this unit underpin each of the subsequent units.


Management of Technological, Social and Intentional Disasters;

This unit focusses on the nature and types of man-made (human instigated) hazards, including those on land, air and sea alongside such issues as crowd safety and industrial accidents. Taking a case study approach, you will evaluate the lessons learned from recent reports and complete a strategic level multi-hazard planning and response exercise as part of a group.


Management of Natural Disasters CPD3;

You will examine the complexities of natural hazards and learn to evaluate the management issues associated with such hazards, and how these can be applied to major incident management, risk reduction and recovery and national planning.


Cyber Security CPD10;

This develops your skills in and knowledge of, the techniques and technologies of Cyber Security including the cyberspace ecosystems and the security of socio-technical systems. You will consider the threat landscape, security metrics and the selection and execution of relevant security techniques.


Information Assurance CPD11;

You will critically evaluate issues relating to the management of risk in digital security strategy. Topics include: asset assurance, human factors and accreditation and compliance and governance in information assurance.


Security, Event & Incident Management CPD12;

This unit focusses on developing your skills in and knowledge of, Cyber Defence Monitoring techniques and solutions. You will examine the concepts and context of event logging and collection with syslog protocol, regular expression language and its applications to system/network monitoring, event correlation, and finally network intrusion detection and prevention.