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Michael Clark - PhD Student mclark1@bournemouth.ac.uk

PhD Title: A Framework for Building a Public Health System Resilient to Zoonotic Disease Outbreaks in West Africa.



Michael began his career in international development, working as a project manager for a small charity in Ghana. Michael coordinated projects for the charity on behalf of the Ministry of Education and the Department of Social Welfare. In 2013 Michael returned to the UK to begin an MRes in International Crisis Management at Loughborough University (graduating with distinction in 2015).


Michael combines his academic interests at Bournemouth University with professional practice, working as a Resilience Consultant for RAB Consultants based in County Durham. Much of his professional work involves incident management training and exercise design for the public sector.

Research Interests:

Work in West Africa continues to have a significant impact upon Michael’s academic research interests.


His undergraduate studies focussed on the development narratives that define much of the international aid industry in Sub-Saharan Africa and Michael has continued to strengthen his major research focus on African development questions at the postgraduate level.


Michael has since narrowed his focus toward detailed research on the public health sector and the impact that positivism plays on policy making in West Africa.

In his masters dissertation Michael used the outbreak of Ebola Virus Disease as a lens to critique the existing emergency planning and response structures of the effected countries and international public health agencies.

Michael seeks to balance his consultancy career with working towards achieving a PhD at BUDMC.


Michael's thesis aims to make a practical contribution to the field. His research examines how a shared responsibility across actors from multiple disciplines - such as ecology, politics, economics and anthropology - can be utilised into a framework that aims to mitigate the impact of future zoonotic disease outbreaks. The framework aims to make health systems more resilient to outbreaks such as Ebola, Lassa, Zika, Swine Flu or Bird Flu.