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Meera Patel - PhD Student mpatel@bournemouth.ac.uk

PhD Title: Democracy Promotion in Reverse: An Evaluation of the US and the UK’s Democracy Promotion Programmes (2005-2017)



After studying Politics and International Relations at Loughborough, I was exposed to a range of various topics, namely foreign policy and crisis management. I then went onto attaining an M.Res is International Crisis Management at Loughborough. I utilised the knowledge and understanding I gained from both degrees when I worked at an NGO in Hanoi, Vietnam, which involved human rights work and political science has always been an interest of mine.

Research Interests:

My masters dissertation focused on how successful democratisation is in post-conflict states, using the case study of South Africa, which strengthened my interest within this area, which led to the desire to pursue this topic at a postgraduate level. My masters dissertation explored the notion that democratisation does not always work in post-conflict states, which led to further interest in how democracy promotion is used through democratisation and foreign policy. My thesis aims to argue that democracy promotion is in reverse due to lack of practical and theoretical insight into what, how and who promotes democracy. My research highlights how democracy promotion has become a donor-centric process rather than based on the needs of recipient states. I will use the two largest democracy promotors, the US and the UK to present this argument.

The contribution to knowledge and aim of this thesis is to utilise current forms of US and UK democracy promotion into a framework that allows for long-term and successful democracy promotion within various recipient nations. The framework will seek to strengthen democracy programmes to ensure critical evaluations of projects to assist in future democracy promotion programmes.