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The International Disaster Management Course (IDMC) provides an excellent overview into the principles of sound crisis and disaster management. It provides an introduction into the wide reaching subject matter and sectors involved in co-ordinated planning, mitigation, response and recovery.


The two week IDMC covers rapid and slow onset natural disasters, human made disasters and complex emergencies. The presenting team is drawn from BUDMC and the wider Bournemouth University staff and also includes guest lectures from subject matter experts and video sessions with key international organisations and agencies.

The course is highly interactive and provides participants with an opportunity to gain an excellent grounding in the principles, practices and disciplines of disaster management. Each week concludes with a group exercise lasting a whole day, providing an opportunity to implement skills and learning developed over the course.


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Subjects covered include:

• Emerging technology in disasters

• Disaster victim identification

• Humanitarian assistance

• Public health resilience

• Definitions and concepts

• Risk analysis, hazards and vulnerabilities

• Risk reduction and sustainable recovery

• Major incident management systems

• Institutional structures

• Decision making systems

• Situational awareness

• Early warning systems and evacuation

• Problem analysis and planning

• Integrating travel & tourism

• Media management

• Public awareness strategies

• Gender issues

• Environmental issues

• Post disaster enquiries and investigation

• Gaining political support

• Project development and management

• Disasters and national development