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Gunn-Mari Holdo - PhD Student gholdo@bournemouth.ac.uk

PhD Title: Disaster Nursing or Nursing for Disaster: Understanding nursing practice in Norway.



Gunn-Mari is a graduate in Nursing from Tromsø University College, Norway, and also completed an MSc in Health Science. Gunn-Mari has notable expertise and working experience in the healthcare sector, working as a State Registered Nurse both at a Hospital, Nursing Home and Home Nursing Care services. She then began an academic carrier at Narvik University College, Norway, where she has had several positions of responsibility and trust such as Senior Lecturer, Head of Department and Study Coordinator at Department of Nursing. She has been involved in collaboration with Lapland University of Applied Science, Finland. Gunn-Mari has been a Staff Representative during both her employment with the Nursing Home and at Narvik University College, Norway.

She was a deputy board representative at Narvik University College until the successful merger between Narvik University College and the University of Tromsø, Norway.


The treatment of geriatric patients as well as pain management in patients with dementia has been a professional and research interest resulting in academic output at several conferences and in journals.  Likewise, has the treatment of patient journals and data been of concern and interest due to the digitalization and resulting distribution of such data. Furthermore, this has developed into an interest in Emergency Management with emphasis on the management and treatment of relatives in emergencies and large accidents.


Research Interests:

Gunn-Mari’s many years as a nurse and lecturer for student nurses has developed her research interest towards the communities’ challenges. In recent years there has been an increase in natural and man-made disasters that have an impact on society. Health resilience is an integral part of disaster management and lies at the nexus between this and public health considerations. With this in mind it is important that nurses are able to meet these challenges. As the largest group of health professionals worldwide, nurses face continual challenges in further developing their competences in disaster response and recovery. Her project investigates the trajectory, role and community expectations of the nursing profession in health emergency and disaster planning, with special focus on the demand on the community nurse.