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Exercising & Simulations

BUDMC designs, develops and deploys crisis management exercises that test the ability of individuals and teams to work together across multiple agencies.

Our exercises are designed so that participants can learn how different departments and organisations operate and what specific operational needs and constraints might be.


We developed the Crisis Management Exercise Tool (CMET) to assist us in creating innovative and demanding exercises.  CMET is a unique web based system allowing multiple teams to practice multiple roles within a wide range of scenarios.  Exercise ‘injects’ are no longer paper-based but instead ‘delivered’ to individual roles and team members automatically, according to a scripted timeline using personal technology (Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones).  Participants log on to an EXERCISE and a specific GROUP that they have been assigned to.  They then select the ROLE they are to play (eg Police Commander; Airport Manager; etc), and the exercise injects created specifically for their ROLE will automatically arrive on their device at the time allocated by the exercise writer.


Injects are genuinely multi-media and include emails, text messages, social media, video recordings (for example TV news broadcasts) and recorded telephone calls.  When a message is delivered to a ‘player’, they click on the new ‘Message’ icon to activate the message and to read, watch or listen to its content.  The software records the following information and provides a report at the end of the exercise that the team and/or individual can use to reflect on their perfomance:

• The length of time the ‘player’ takes to absorb the contents of the message, decide, and then communicate that decision.

• Who the ‘player’ collaborates with when making that decision.

• Who the ‘player’ communicates the decision with to maintain situational awareness.


CMET provides a realistic environment in which to practice integrated planning and response.


CMET allows staff to concentrate on working with their teams, as well as individuals; answering questions, making suggestions and getting the most out of the training experience for the participants.


BUDMC can work with your organisation to assist in the design, development and delivery of exercises to meet your need using the CMET software tool.  As CMET is internet based your team members do not even have to be in the same place.


For further information on how we can assist you in developing realistic exercises for your organisation, contact Lauren Jarrad.